Family Games for Cold Winter Nights

When the cold winter months are in full swing, you want to be sure you have plenty of indoor entertainment since outdoor activities are certainly limited in December, January and February. Current Catalog has a wide selection of family games for winter (and year round!) that will keep kids and adults entertained for hours. Puzzles, brain games and puzzle books will even come in handy when the kids are home from school for snow days and when they’re home for winter break from school. After all, you can only keep them busy with homework and chores for a short time! When the laundry is folded and the history report is complete, break out family games from Current and have a blast!

One of our most popular family games for cold winter nights is the Jelly Belly® Special Edition Uno® Game that combines family fun and delicious sweet treats to make everyone smile! This family card game features 54 colorful cards shaped like jelly beans, rule book, and 3.5 ounces of jelly beans to make the game even sweeter. Ages four and up can enjoy this game, and it’s perfect for a family with children of various ages. Even if the group is only adults, this fun card game, which most everyone has played at some point in their lives, will be a hit, especially when the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful.

Current also has a Home for the Holidays round puzzle, Brain Games Books, and a number of other games to keep everyone entertainment for hours.

Order online from Current Catalog, and in no time at all, you’ll have plenty of family games for those cold winter nights when you just can’t go outside.

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