Elegant Personalized Stationery Sets with European Flair

In an age of Facebook and Twitter, some might view snail mail as a thing of the past. But there’s just something about personalized stationery sets that cannot be replaced by those cute Instagram photos. Whether you’re addressing invites to a party or sending a letter to a penpal, the following personalized stationery options are sure to impress recipients:

Signature Cards

Make your message and card decoration one and the same by sending out a set of signature cards. With these cards, you can put the greeting front and center in an elegant script, then adding extra information on the inside.

Lace Motif

Lace has the ability to add distinction to a fancy dress, so why not use the same idea on your stationery? With delicate swirls and beautiful flowers, a card with a lace motif will be well received by friends, family members and penpals.


Personalize your stationery with the first initial of your name or the name of the recipient and you’ll have a truly memorable card. Monogram cards are not only stylish — they are also extraordinarily distinctive. Add some flair with a background of interlocking circles, diamonds or other unique shapes for a true geometric delight.

Personalized stationery really can make a difference when you send letters, invites and thank you cards! You can score a lovely stationery set of your own by filling out our convenient online form.