Easy Christmas Classroom Party Ideas for School

easy Christmas classroom party ideas For school-aged children, a Christmas party in class is one of the more exciting parts of the holiday season. Parents and teachers who are in charge of planning the party are looking for simple ideas that let everyone have a good time. Whether you’re a teacher or parent, try one of these easy classroom party ideas for school and send happy kids home for the holidays.

Secret Santa

A few weeks before the party, have students pick each other’s names out of a hat for a Secret Santa. Each student purchases a gift for the person whose name they picked. Set a price limit for the gifts, no more than $5 or $10, for example, so that students don’t over-spend. After they open the gift, each student can try to guess who their Santa was.

Cookie Swap

Instead of a Secret Santa, you can have the students participate in a cookie swap. Ask each student to bring a batch of cookies on the day of the party. Give the students resealable treat bags, labeled with the date of the party, and have them pick out cookies to take home. If you know that parents are busy and won’t have time to bake or bring cookies, do a candy swap instead. Pick out several varieties of holiday candy and let each student pick out a few to bring home.

Candy Cane Arts and Crafts

Help kids get in the spirit of Christmas by dressing up candy canes. Hand each student one candy cane, either the traditional peppermint or the colorful fruit flavored canes. Help them decorate the canes to look like Santa’s reindeer. Twist a brown pipe cleaner around the hook of the cane to create antlers. Attach googly eyes to the front of the candy canes. Make a Rudolph cane by gluing a red pompom to the tip of the candy cane.

Good Deeds

Since Christmas time can be difficult for many families, consider having your classroom write special letters to those less fortunate. Some great places to send letters to are : hospitals, shelters, and inner city schools. That way, everyone can experience a bit more holiday cheer!

An enjoyable Christmas party will help you and your students prepare for a great holiday break and an relaxing Christmas.