Dress Up Your House For Fall

You can always tell when autumn is coming by the crisp air and the deep warm colors of the trees. To prepare for the changing seasons, this is a great time to change your home décor. Current has everything you need to create a perfect autumn setting in your house. Add these fall accents to your home!

Autumn Bird Sitter Figurines by Current CatalogBird Sitters

These 3 Autumn Bird Sitter Figurines add major autumn whimsy to your shelves! Celebrate the fall harvest with these comical birds!

Autumn Hydrangea Wreath by Current CatalogAutumn Wreath

The autumnal colors of bright reds and oranges come alive on this Autumn Hydrangea Wreath. Bring these beautiful fall florals in your home for a touch of autumn.

Sitting Scarecrow Pair by Current CatalogScarecrow

This Sitting Scarecrow Pair took the scare out of scarecrow! These sweet scarecrows are 36” tall made with straw and fabric and are designed to sit. Set up an autumn welcoming committee with one or and an even warmer welcome with the pair.

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