DIY Valentine Cards: Easy and Fun for Everyone

Valentine Coloring Cards by Current CatalogNeed a few quick, easy ideas for swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day cards? Here are a few Cupid-inspired cards we’re sure you’ll fall in love with!  Once you have written your inspired card, you can always print it on our Valentine Letter Paper.

“A” is for acrostic

Wait, what? Acrostics are simple poetic forms that anyone can write. In fact, you’ve probably written one before but just didn’t realize what it was called.

An acrostic uses the first letter of each line to spell out a word or phrase. It is fun and easy to write because it doesn’t need to rhyme. The word can be a person’s name, a favorite pet, or whatever you. Here are a few acrostic basics:

List the name or word vertically down the page. Capitalize the first letter of each line. Make each line as long (or short) as you want it to be. Be clever!

The examples below show the versatility of acrostics — make a perfectly tailored Valentine’s card to give to a teacher, classmate, boyfriend, best friend, or whoever! (Hint: Grandparents LOVE to receive these, too!). Make them sweet or silly – or both. To make it even more special, write your acrostic on a piece of heart cutout paper.

Enjoys chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
Runs faster than anyone else in our class (even the boys)
Is really good at math
Never says mean things to anyone

And, hey – acrostics are fun for adults, too!

Keeps our routine a little less routine XOXO
Invents the silliest reasons for being late to everything
Sends me to the moon with those a-mazing kisses
Sleeps like a baby…and usually on MY side of the bed

by Jodi Durr

Tie-dye heart art

This next idea is an oldie but a goody and deserves a shout out because it’s uses something most moms have in the house — coffee filters. The cost-effective coffee filters add a nice texture to any design and render a beautifully homemade Valentine’s card, too. Tie-dye…without the mess:

1. Fold a white coffee filter in half. Cut out a half-heart shaped design. (For younger kids, draw a half-heart outline on the filter as a guide for easier cutting.)

2. Using red and pink markers, have kids draw or color designs on their filter.

3. Transfer the finished filter to a glass plate; sprinkle drops of water on the filter to produce colorful “smears” on the filter. As the drops spread, a beautiful tie-dye pattern will appear.

4. Let filter dry completely. Using a darker colored pencil or markers, add a Valentine’s Day message.