Discover Your Puzzle Personality for National Puzzle Month!

Current Catalog Puzzle of the Month ClubDid you know that January is National Puzzle Month? What a perfect tonic for December’s madness! This month-long awareness is the perfect way to enjoy a calming, tranquil project while listening to the crackling cheers of a toasty fireplace.

Have you ever wondered what your choice of puzzle says about you? Well, how about a Puzzle Personality Test!

Current Puzzle of Month ClubNow you can take an online quiz that will analyze your personality based on the type of puzzles you enjoy doing. Do you swoon over those 1,000 piece jigsaws? Or are you more of a Sudoku fan? You may be surprised at the results! Click this link to take the test.

And just in time to indulge your puzzle participation, we’ve recently launched our new Puzzle of the Month Club. Each month’s puzzle is a gorgeous, top-quality selection mailed directly to you on the 5th of each month.

Wherever your pieces (or pencil) take you, puzzles are a terrific brain boost. Enhance your visual perception, improve your memory and coordination, and keep your mind sharp — especially during winter’s doldrums!

Current Puzzle of the Month Club