Designing Your Dream Home: A Home Decor How to Guide

Are you getting sick of your current home décor? Whether you have lived in your home for 20 years or two, you can always spruce up it up very easily by changing the items you use to decorate your home. Here’s a quick guide on how to design your dream home.

Choose a Color Palette

The first step to any successful design plan is to choose a color palette. You only want to pick three colors that you will use consistently throughout the room. You don’t have to use them in equal amounts, but all three colors should be represented. You can pick anything from brown, green, and beige to pink, black, and white; it all depends on the feeling you want to create.

Pick Accessories Wisely

Now that you have a color palette, you can begin shopping for accessory items. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing home decor is the scale of them. In other words, how will they look when placed on your existing furniture? If you are looking for a new picture to hang above your entryway table, it should be about two-thirds of the length of the table; any smaller or larger than this and it will look out of place (you can create this length by using more than one piece of wall art). The same goes for knick-knacks to adorn your occasional tables. They should be sized appropriately for your size of table.

When choosing accessory items with this super easy online order form, keep in mind that you want to place accessories in groups of odd numbers. Never just place two items on a table. Either leave it at one or bump it up to three. Even groups of five items can look amazing and bring your dream home to life.

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