Current Catalog Gift Bags Save Time and Look Great!

Do you enjoy buying gifts but don’t enjoy wrapping them? That’s OK! You are not alone. There are many women and men out there who don’t really wrap gifts well, and that’s where Current Catalog gift bags come in! Not only is it much easier to present a gift in a gift bag, but these precious little gems save you tons of time. No more rolling out wrapping paper, measuring the paper to make sure you have enough, cutting the paper and then taping the paper to cover the gift. With gift bags, you simply place your gift in the bag, add some tissue paper, place a name tag, bow or some other gift wrap accessory on top and you’re all finished. The present will look great, and the recipient of the gift will think you’re a creative genius!

Gift Bags Current

Some of our customers’ favorite gift bags are the Hip Hop Dots, Floral Brights and Stripes, Designed Kraft Gift Bag Set and the Black & White Gift Bag Set. When you add tissue paper to these bags, your gift will pop with color and pizazz! They come in various sizes and shapes, so you’re sure to find the gift bags you need for all occasions. Stock up in time for the holidays and take advantage of great sales going on at Current throughout the year.

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