Crazy Gift Wrapping Ideas- They’ll Never Know!

crazy gift wrapping ideas This Christmas be a little mischievous with your holiday gift giving. Why settle for the same boring box – have some fun with crazy gift wrapping ideas that are sure to keep them guessing.

While you can still find plenty of traditional gift wrap supplies in our holiday catalog, you can liven up your packages with fun bows, ribbons and colorful tape, too.

Boring Check? Not This Year.

Create cheerful outsides, but also think inside-the-box this year for added smiles and lots of hugs.

You know your kids — and grandkids — love money gifts. How about converting your Christmas cash to Christmas coin this year? Instead of the annual check, convert that paper into rolled or loose change – pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters. Deposit coins in a sturdy box. Wrap the box with colorful Sunday comics and seal with shocking-neon Washi tape for a fun surprise.

Small Things Come it Bumpy Packages

Jewelry gifts on your list? Use a plastic ice tray to disguise your precious gifts from even the most experienced package sleuth.

Place rings, charms or earrings in small plastic bags before you tape them into cube sections. Roll the tray in holiday tissue paper. Using a disposable craft brush, paint the paper with a 50-50 solution of white glue and water. Let dry; repeat at least twice to form a hard outside package.

A few other suggestions:

  • Wrap small packages with gauze and surgical tape.
  • Fill an over-sized box with inflated balloons to disguise the size of small tech gadgets.
  • Wrap your package in layers of colorful duct tape to make getting inside a real challenge.

We have a full range of gift wrap supplies to help you put your crazy gift wrapping ideas in motion.