Collection of the Month: Kraft Wrapping Paper

Nothing completes a celebration more than festive wrapping paper, and that’s why we are sharing Kraft Wrapping paper as our collection of the month.

One of the best things in life is that a reason to celebrate is always just around the corner. Life provides an ongoing supply of birthdays, holidays, graduations, promotions, baby showers and more. If you love those special gift-giving occasions, you’ll love using the premium wraps to add that extra pizazz to the celebration.

Kraft Wrapping Paper Collection:

Blue Birds On Kraft

kraft wrapping paper blue birds

Marigolds On Kraft

kraft wrapping paper marigolds  

Stripes On Kraft

kraft wrapping paper stripes  

Plain Kraft Jumbo Roll 

kraft wrapping paper plain

Unique Designs

There is no reason you have to settle for the standard store bought bulk wraps. The Kraft wrapping paper collection makes unique designs accessible and affordable. You’ll find elegant designs that follow the latest trends, yet are far from the standard store offerings. With a multitude of creative and fabulous designs for youth and adults, your gift will stand out from a sea of sameness and truly shine!

Coordinating Wraps

If you have more than one gift to wrap, nothing is better than using coordinating and contrasting designs to achieve that professionally wrapped look. In the Kraft collection of wrapping paper, cool designs get amped up by coordinating wraps. You can choose from flat wrap packs with two or more fun designs that look great together, or coordinate your own from distinctively printed rolls.

How you wrap a gift is sometimes just as important as the gift itself.  Your choice in wrapping paper shows that you took extra time to make the gift and the recipient’s day extra special. That’s why it’s so important to choose unique, high quality wraps such as those in the Kraft wrapping paper collection for gift-giving occasions.