Collection of the Month: Decorative Rugs & Mats

Coming up with new ways to add interest to your home can be difficult, but the answer could be right under your feet. One of the most undervalued items of décor is decorative rugs.  Rather than being purely utilitarian, decorative rugs and mats can add interest and color to your home while providing usefulness.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Filigree Door Mat

Cook kids deserve cool doormats to mark the entrance into their space and this awesome mat is perfect for that all-star athlete in your life.

IKat Floor Mat

One of the things we love most about floor mats is that they are small but mighty elements of design. This one makes our point beautifully with its blue hues and exotic design.

Seasonal, occasional, and just for fun, decorative rugs and mats have so many applications in the home and beyond!