Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

There are mysteries in this world that might never be solved – Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, disappearing TV remotes, the things that vanish at the bottom of your purse. Here at Current, we don’t claim to have the answers to all of life’s Bermuda Triangles – but we can help you demystify home organization!

Make your life just a little – or a LOT – easier with these tips and tricks from Current:


 Mesh Handbag Organizer Mesh Handbag Organizer by Current CatalogMesh Handbag Organizer

Earrings, pens, expensive lipstick – the list of things we’ve lost in the black hole of our purses is abysmally long. That’s where these life-saving Mesh Handbag Organizers come in: with lots of pockets and compartments, there’s a place for everything you need. The top handles make switching purses super easy, and the bright colors add a fun pop to your day!

Cord Keepers by Current CatalosCord Keepers

We’ve got so many devices nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to keep all the cords tangle-free. The convenient Cord Keepers keep your cords separate and tidy.

Light Switch Night Light by Current CatalogLight Switch Night Light

When you wake up at 2 AM for a glass of water (or a late night snack!), you practically need night vision goggles to make it through the hallway without stubbing your toes on a Lego. Enter the Light Switch Night Light! It conveniently sticks to almost any surface and doesn’t need an outlet to emit a gentle glow. Save your eyes –and your toes- with just a flick of the switch.

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