Christmas Wrap How To – Create a Customized Gift Bag or Basket

Christmas wicker basket with striped candy canes and gifts on white wooden table, festive decoration

When you’re putting your Christmas gifts together this year, you might want to try something a little different for all those families you buy presents for. Rather than buying and wrapping several individual gifts for each family member, why not create a single, customized gift bag, basket, or tote full of fun things for the whole family to enjoy? Putting together a themed bag or basket for a family is a great way to pull several gifts into one and could even be more cost-effective than buying separate gifts for everyone in the family. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for personalizing those family-sized Christmas totes, gift bags, or baskets:

  1. The Sporting Family. Do you know a family who loves sports? Maybe their favorite thing to do is gather around the television with snacks and drinks and cheer on their favorite team. You can fill a family gift bag with a personalized beer stein or megaphone for dad, a set of pom-poms for mom, and clapping hands for the kiddos.
  2. The Outdoorsy Family. Is there a family on your list who loves to go camping, hiking, fishing, biking, or hunting? Put together a Christmas tote full of fun things they can use on their next overnight trip. Toss in some joke books for the kids to read in the car on the road, a camping cookbook, a journal to record their outdoor family adventures, a flashlight or two, some bug spray, and a laundry punching bag.
  3. The Film Family. Maybe there’s a family you know who loves holding movie marathons on the weekends. Give them the gift of a bean bag chair, an emoji pillow, some Personalized Christmas Popcorn Sleeves, a few favorite candy bars wrapped in festive Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers, and some yummy lollipops nestled in adorable Reindeer or Santa lollipop holders.
  4. The Foodie Family. They say the family that bakes and/ or cooks together stays together, and you can help promote that togetherness with a customized gift collection of cookbooks, matching aprons for everyone, a kitchen accessories kit, mini chef’s kitchen, Fresh Mart Grocery Store, personalized placemats, matching dishes, or a Star Diner Restaurant.
  5. The Beachgoers. We know it’s not summertime yet, but it’s coming eventually! If you have someone on your list who spends every moment possible at the shore, a beach-themed basket, bag, or tote is a great idea. Grab a couple of beach towels, a set of buckets and pails for the kids, some fun plastic sunglasses, an activity book and markers, some fun water bottles, a little suntan lotion, a hat or two and you’re good to go – and so are they the next time the beach beckons.

These five family-themed Christmas gift ideas are just to start you on the road to creating your own customized Christmas totes, bags, boxes, or baskets. Use your imagination, have fun, and get everyone in on it. There’s virtually no limit to the kind of unique personalized family Christmas gifts you can put together.