Christmas Tree Trends for 2018

Christmas trees are a big part of the holiday season for many families, and there are many different ways we choose to decorate them. Some families use the same ornaments and decorations year after year, others like to change up the way they decorate every few years. Your tree should reflect your individual taste, whether you have a favorite color you’d like to center everything around, some ornaments you can’t wait to use, or a certain style that appeals to you. Here are some Christmas tree decorating trends for 2018 to give you an idea of what’s new, in case you’d like to try something different this year.

For smaller spaces, a short tree of three or four feet can offer the festive touch you want for your home without overpowering a small room. Use an occasional table to place your tree in an open corner of the living room, in front of a window in the family room, or in the center of the bonus room. One advantage of using a table to elevate your tree is the space created beneath the tree to place your gifts. Also, the smaller the tree, the less decorating involved. You can deck out your smaller tree with a single strand of lights and lots of smaller ornaments or go for larger ornaments that will add a bold statement with fewer decorations.

Less is more. Sometimes, a simple tree makes the best decoration. Instead of loading up your tree with as many ornaments as you can possibly fit on each branch this year, why not go for the “plain Jane” tree in 2018 and pare your decorating down a bit. Embrace the natural beauty of your tree and let the pine speak for itself. Whether you go for a smaller or larger tree, some simple twinkling lights can be enough to evoke a holiday spirit without all the glam.

For a subtler look that still lets you decorate your tree in style, the muted tree is big in 2018. Varying the size and shape of your ornaments while staying within a limited color palette can produce a beautiful monochromatic tree that celebrates the holiday in understated splendor.

Winter time brings snowy weather to a big part of the country, and white trees are a great way to bring some of that glorious winter white indoors for the holidays. Whether you choose a convenient pop-up tree or white spiral tree for easy assembly to a warm white tree with green undertones or a solid white tree with pre-hung lights and pinecones, you can brighten up your home with holiday cheer by opting for a clean white tree this year.

On the other hand, neon is also popular for Christmas trees this year. For some hot holiday color, go for the new vibrant pink (yes, pink!) trend in trees. Liven up your living room with a brightly colored hot pink tree that will complement almost any holiday color palette. Pink blends well with black, red, green, gold, silver, blue, and many other colors to create a lively, lovely holiday scene in your home.

Live trees are something lots of people look forward to during the holiday season, as they bring the scent of the woods into your home. If you’re a new homeowner, consider purchasing a tiny potted live tree this year. Not only can you decorate it and enjoy it in 2018, if you have space in your yard you can plant it as a permanent “decoration” and enjoy it year after year. Make sure to purchase a live Christmas tree with the root ball still intact. Once a tree is cut from the root ball, it can no longer be planted outside. Keeping your live tree outside in the cold is the best way to keep it in the dormant state it needs to remain in to survive. You’ll need to put it in the ground quickly, so it’s a good idea to prepare a hole for planting prior to getting your tree. Don’t keep the tree inside for more than a week to a week and a half, to ensure it can easily make the transition from indoors back to outdoors again. Any longer will reduce the chances your live tree can successfully manage the transition.

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for a special someone, check out Current’s incredible offering of ornaments that can be personalized with a single name, multiple names, or a family name. These personalized ornaments make great personal gifts for a new addition to the family, a recently married couple, or your favorite family. Add your favorite photos to one of our unique photo ornaments to create a truly memorable gift. Whether you go big or small, live or artificial, white, green, or neon pink, your tree will be uniquely “you” so enjoy the process of choosing and decorating your tree this year and try something new on for size. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a Christmas tree trend of your own!