Christmas in July: Sizzling Savings on Christmas Home Decor

christmas cards

In July, one of the last things you might be thinking about is Christmas. But, smart shoppers know that July is the best time to buy Christmas home decor. The winter holiday is still nearly half a year away, meaning stores have marked down Christmas decorations and cards to the lowest prices they’ll be all year. Forget about stocking up on holiday decor just after Christmas in January. For the best prices, the time to buy is July.

Get a Jump on Christmas Cards

If you always wait until the last minute to purchase and send out your Christmas greeting cards, buying them in July offers several advantages. You’ll save a considerable amount of money, as the cards are marked down by 50 percent. You’ll also have plenty of time to start addressing the envelopes and writing messages in the cards.

Decor Decisions

Picking out Christmas decorations once the holiday season has started can be stressful. Crowds of shoppers make it difficult to navigate aisles and find the decorative items you want. Current Catalog has a large selection of Christmas home decor on sale this summer for all areas of your house, including the kitchen and of course, the Christmas tree. You can shop from the comfort of your home and get a great deal. When you’re ready to order, Current Catalog has an easy online order form to make buying your items a breeze.

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