Christmas Card Etiquette: The Basics

Christmas card etiquette

Holiday traditions and celebrations (or not) vary from family to family, and here are some basic rules of Christmas card etiquette to keep in mind while preparing this year’s seasonal greetings.

Christmas Card Etiquette:

1. Generic messages for each card are acceptable, particularly if you aren’t certain about one’s religious preference or holiday traditions. Be mindful, however, to avoid sending cards with “Merry Christmas” to families who don’t celebrate it. Cards should be appropriate and respectful of the recipient.

2. Don’t send e-cards in lieu of physical holiday and Christmas cards. Greeting cards are an act of thoughtfulness and generosity that require a personal touch. Clicking a couple of links just doesn’t invoke the same feelings. It’s simple to find affordable holiday and Christmas cards online at Current that arrive at your door ready to add your personal touches.

3. Use your own handwriting, or use a template for print at home holiday cards to create a personal message applicable to each recipient if your handwriting lacks precision. Personalization can include naming children, mentioning a special pet, or acknowledging an upcoming event where you will encounter them soon.

4. Send co-worker’s card to their homes rather than offering them at the office. This avoids potential conflicts if you don’t care to send everyone a card, and it further promotes that personal feeling. However, business associates that you don’t socialize with require a different approach. Cards should be sent to their offices and kept professional. Sign it personally, but keep photos and such limited to family and friends.

5. Including a return address on all cards ensures that the recipient recognizes whom it’s from right away. This also helps others maintain current address records, and this information may be necessary so that they can send you a card in return.

Whether you’re sending out personal or professional holiday cards this year, these basic Christmas card etiquette guidelines will ensure that they are right on target.

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