Cash VS Gift Cards: When to Gift (and to whom)

It’s time to make a shopping list, and check it twice. It’s the holiday season so we’re going to spoil everyone who’s been nice! You have several gift ideas down on paper, but for those last few people you’re clueless, so why not give money? Deciding between giving cash vs gift cards can be a tough call. So, here’s a few ideas to make the decisions a bit easier!

When to Buy a Gift Card

You’re at the store and see that huge display of shiny gift cards staring back at your. They’re simple and easy to tuck inside a card. But, who should get them?

Give a gift card if…

  • you want the person to buy something from a specific store. For example, you want your teenage daughter to buy some new clothes for school, so giving her a gift card to her favorite mall store is perfect.
  • you want the person to pamper herself. A gift card to a day spa, restaurant, wine shop, or resort makes this possible for busy parents, neighbors, and friends.
  • you want the person to buy something to complete a collection. Giving a gift card to the department store that sells a newlywed couple’s china pattern or accessories to complete their new living set is a great way to get them to expand their home furnishings.
  • you want to help the person buy part of a large gift. If your adult child or sibling is trying to save up to buy a new refrigerator, a gift card to the local appliance store can help them get closer to making the purchase.

By the way, we created a detailed post about gifting coffee shop gift cards last year which goes to show that giving gift cards can be personal and thought out!

When to Give Cash

So, when should you just visit the ATM and wrap some crisp bills instead? Sometimes it’s best to encourage someone to save for a larger gift, project, or life-changing experience they have coming up. Giving cash lets you help them reach their goal even faster.

Be sure to give a card or festive envelope along with the cash, and suggest how you’d like the money to be spent along with your well wishes.

Give cash to…

  • a couple saving to buy their first home
  • a family saving to take a vacation
  • a child saving for a large toy or college
  • a friend who needs help paying bills
  • a teenager heading off to college
  • a couple planning a wedding
  • a teenager buying a car

So, are you ready to wrap a little something for someone special? Check out Current Catalog’s gift wrap accessories to make your gift card or cash gift look amazing under the tree!