Bring on the Board Games!

Did you know that the third week in November is Game and Puzzle Week? We did, and we have some great games and puzzles you can purchase from our website to help build family camaraderie. As the colder weather approaches, most of us spend more time indoors. Playing board games and working puzzles together can be a great way to bond with your family members, and they make great gifts, as well. Check out a few of these fun games and puzzles:

  1. Family Talk Game. Games by Current CatalogThis fun, portable, thought-provoking family talk game has questions to get the whole family talking, from the tthree-year-oldon up through great grandparents. This engaging portable conversation game helps keep busy families connected. Contains 100 question cards and a carabiner clip to hold them together. Play anywhere!
  2. Anyone for charades? Our Kids Charades Game is a family-friendly version of the classic game. Act out the phrase on the card for lively fun. This interactive game encourages critical thinking and using the powers of imagination. Features clever charades of varying levels of difficulty for kids and adults of all ages, starting with your 8 year old. This complete game comes with everything you need to start having fun the instant you open the box, which contains a score pad, pencil, sand timer, charade cards, and dice
  3. Games by Current CatalogDo you like jelly beans? Then you’ll love our Jelly Belly Beanboozled Spinner Box. Spin the wheel and eat a jelly bean! Sounds like fun, but look out – you might get “Beanboozled”! That’s because each yummy color has its yucky twin. Buttered popcorn or rotten egg? Tutti fruitti or stinky socks? You could get either one! Includes spinner and 3.5 oz of Jelly Beans. Don’t worry if you run out, because we have Beanboozled Jelly Beans Refills available for purchase, too!
  4. Memory Maze Challenge. Family members as young as six years old will enjoy hours of fun as they follow the ever-increasing speed and sequence of flashing lights to reach “game master” status with this fun handheld memory challenge game. Batteries included.
  5. Games by Current CatalogSpeaking of hand held games, how about picking up a Handheld 5000 games in one? Featuring vintage black and white favorites like ping pong, alien invasion, tank, street racing, and more, with multiple variations, speeds, and skill levels. Uses 2 AA batteries, which are included.
  6. For an easy to pack traveling version of the classic game of checkers, try our Mini Travel Checker Rug. Take this travel sized rug with full-size checkers on the road, or just into the next room for some classic fun. Includes a 12″ x 12″ poly/cotton playing rug, 12 red and 12 black checkers, and a storage bag. Or, you could choose our Bottle Cap Checkers in a Jar for super portability. Now you can get these classic games of yesteryear in a 2-3/4″ diameter jar that contains everything needed to play each game. Made in the USA for players 8 years old and up.
  7. Puzzles by Current CatalogIf puzzles are more your speed, we have lots to choose from! For kids ages 5 to 10, our 12-3/4″ x 16-1/2, 60-piece USA Map Puzzle teaches them fun state facts as they assemble our country piece by state shaped piece. Learn geography and show the kids where your next family vacation will take place with this fun, colorful puzzle.
  8. Start getting into the holiday spirit by completing our Christmas Tree Farm Puzzle. This classic winter scene by Randy Wollenmann delights everyone with its depiction of a much-loved family tradition of the season: selecting the perfect Christmas tree. Nostalgia abounds with this touching glimpse of families frolicking in a winter wonderland. The finished size is 30″x24″.
  9. Christmas Puzzles by Current CatalogDoes a snowy day make you smile? Then you’ll love our Snow Happy Puzzle. A favorite among our loyal customers, this adorable round puzzle is colorful and cute, and offers hours of puzzle fun. Putting together this snowman collage puzzle will warm your holiday guests’ hearts and entertain the entire family, starting at age 12. Measures 27-1/4″ diameter, this puzzle contains 1,000 pieces.
  10. Our delectable Sweet Treats Jigsaw Puzzle lets you indulge your sweet tooth without any calories, as you assemble 500 pieces of taste bud heaven. A calorie-free treat the entire family will enjoy; this yummy puzzle measures 15″ x 20-1/2″ in diameter.

These are just a few examples of games and puzzles your loved ones can enjoy for hours of family bonding fun. This year for Game and Puzzle Week, why not pick up a few of each and share the gift of time with your family? Any one of these games or puzzles would make a great holiday gift for someone special, as well. Happy gaming!