Bold, Colorful Home Accents for Spring

Spring is finally here and the great weather conditions are making it easy to feel optimistic, cheerful and ready to take on anything. Along with the normal spring cleaning and interesting local events, it is a time to start decorating the home with new accent pieces and great colors that encourage a lively and cheerful outlook that carries forward through the day.

Update the Space with Rugs and Curtains

An easy way to update the style and look of the home is by changing out the items that are easily mobile. Switch curtains for a brighter color choice or a textured pattern with several colors. The curtains are an easy change that can instantly add color and design to the space

When it is not possible to change the curtains, opt for a new area rug. A modern area rug with bold shades and colors will add an accent piece without detracting from the core design features that make a space comfortable. It is not necessary to change all of the furniture when a few small items can have a dramatic and bold impact.

Add a New Piece of Furniture

Modern furniture is a great touch, especially if the accent piece has bright colors or a unique design. A new piece of furniture, such as an accent chair, will add that extra oomph that celebrates spring.

If space does not permit a new piece of furniture, then consider a few throw pillows. For a fun touch to the design, match the throw pillows to a vase filled with fresh spring flowers. It will make the new décor a complete sensory experience by bringing some of the beauty in nature into the home.

The beauty in spring provides the inspiration to make bold changes to home decorations. By using Current’s easy online order form, it’s easy to obtain bold accent pieces without wasting hours at the stores.

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