Big Summer Sale: Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper and More!

If you’re always on the lookout for a good sale, Current has you covered. Their Big Summer Sale provides deep discounts on greeting cards, wrapping paper and more. Take advantage of the great deals, and use your new stock of discounted goodies in creative ways.

Greeting Cards
Handwritten notes remain a treasured keepsake. Carry an assortment in your purse or briefcase, and write thank you notes, birthday cards or thinking of you greetings as you wait for the doctor, stand in line at the post office or sipping coffee in the morning.

Wrapping Paper
It does more than spruce up a gift box. Stock up on pattered and colored paper, and use it around your house.floral wrapping paper

  • Shred it and cushion care packages

  • Wrap the birthday boy or girl’s bedroom door

  • Cover an inscription or liven up the lining on a secondhand book

  • Make origami

  • Decorate scrapbooking pages

File Folders
At home and at the office, stray papers seem to cling to your desk like magnets. Organize them with a collection of file folders. Current has a variety of styles on sale right now, and they’re so cute that you will never procrastinate filing again.

All these items and more are part of Current’s Big Summer Sale. Don’t miss it! Use the convenient online order form to stock up on all your favorite greeting cards, wrapping paper and more. Then, use your stockpile to encourage a friend, decorate books and stay organized without spending a fortune.

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