Best Wine to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

best wine to pair thanksgiving turkey with Turkey Day and the various traditions that come along with it are almost upon us, and if you’re hosting the festivities this year you may be wondering what kinds of wine to pair with your dinner. Fortunately, turkey and traditional Thanksgiving Day side dishes can work well with several types and styles of wine, and you should make a choice based on how you plan to cook the bird this year.

Roasted Turkey: Pair with a lighter white wine such as a nice pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, riesling, or a crisp chardonnay.

Roasted Turkey: The smokiness of a roasted bird offers the palate herbal flavors, making reds and obvious choice. Try a couple of cabernet varietals or a robust merlot to complement the meal and hearty sides. Those who don’t care for red will find a sauvignon blanc satisfying.

Fried Turkey: The wealth of buttery flavor from a deep fried turkey is complemented with fruity whites or reds, leaving the field of selections wide open!

When it’s time to break out the pecan and pumpkin pies later on, break out the sweet wines, which are best avoided with the main course. Consider breaking out a nice port, sherry, or even a fruity zinfandel to complement dessert.

Now that you know the best wine to pair with Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to think about dressing those bottles up to match your table decor. Check out the great selection of wine bottle covers and identification tags at Current Catalog!

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