Best Educational Christmas Gifts for Kids

educational gifts for kids canvas mapThink back to Christmases past — did you ever receive a super disappointing gift? Chances are, at least one holiday disappointment derived from a loved one’s very noble goal of turning you into a more well-rounded child. Do your best to avoid foisting such Christmas letdowns on your own children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren, but remember: you don’t need to abandon the idea of educational Christmas gifts. Simply do a better job of disguising the inherently educational as nothing but fun! At a loss for ideas? Give one of the following educational Christmas gifts a try:


Simple and yet incredibly useful, a journal is the perfect present for any budding writer. Encourage the recipient to put pen to paper and record anything he or she wishes, from funny jokes to angry rants to basic reflections about his or her day. Bonus points for any journal with a snazzy cover that reflects the giftee’s unique interests.

Cool Canvas Maps

Yes, geography can be fun for kids, particularly when they are encouraged by the presence of interesting, colorful and super cool maps. Try giving your child a canvas map of the United States that includes detailed pictures of items or activities for which each region is known. Next time you take a vacation, encourage the gift recipient to track your progress on his or her new map!


Sudoku is a great game for improving logic and reasoning, but the presence of numbers will discourage many a prospective Sudoku expert. Colorku is a great alternative that provides all the same educational benefits as Sudoku, with the added benefit of not appearing to be a math exercise.

Kids Chemistry Set

Do your part to foster a love of science by giving your child a chemistry set. Ideally, a book of interesting projects will be included so as to provide the giftee some valuable science inspiration. The great thing about this gift is that it’ll give the recipient a head start on his or her big science fair project!

They may insist otherwise, but kids really do enjoy learning. Do your part to encourage a sense of wonder by giving the child in our life a present that’s both educational and cool!

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