5 Best Places to Hide Presents from Curious Kids

best places to hide presents from kids When the holidays hit, the kids know where to look to get a sneak peek of their presents: under the bed, in mom and dad’s closets, and in the back corner of the basement. To keep the element of surprise, you need to find a few new places to hide presents from curious kids.


The suitcases you store away when not traveling are a great hiding spot for holiday gifts. Odds are pretty high that your kids won’t think to look in them, unless you’re also packing for a holiday trip. If you’re still worried that your kids will peek, stash the gifts in luggage that locks.

The Tool Shed

If you have a garden or tool shed out back, use that as the perfect hiding place for presents. In the colder months, kids are unlikely to trudge out there or volunteer for yard work. A garden shed that with a padlock is an even better hiding spot than one without a lock.

Next Door

Get creative and do a present swap with your neighbors. Give them your kids’ presents to hold on to until the holiday. Take their kids’ presents and store the presents in your home. If your kids find the gifts before the holiday, it won’t matter, since they won’t be finding their own presents.

The Trunk of Your Car

If you have very young kids, the trunk of a sedan is a good hiding place. They aren’t able to open the trunk on their own and won’t be able to peek through the windows to see inside. If you plan on using the trunk before holiday time, toss a heavy blanket over the gifts to cover them up.

Old Box

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a few old boxes laying around from the last time you ordered online. Put those old, ratty boxes to use by hiding presents in them. Then stick them in the basement or attic so there are no suspicions.

As the holidays near, choose a fun wrapping paper to dress up the presents and get them ready to go under the tree.

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