Beautiful! 12 Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Row of colorfully painted Easter eggs on blue wooden background, wide angled image.

Decorating Easter eggs used to be limited to the traditional way our parents taught us; purchasing an egg coloring kit, adding vinegar, waiting for the color to take, and being left with a dozen hard boiled eggs a week later. Today things have changed and there are many more interesting and beautiful options for egg decorating.

Since the dawn of Pinterest, Easter egg craft ideas have tripled into true works of art accessible to us all. This Easter, you have the choice to dunk your eggs in coloring and stick with the traditional, or try a brand new way of decorating. Below are 12 gorgeous ideas to try with your kids or grandkids for Easter egg coloring this year.

Glow Eggs

Glitter Eggs

Frozen Easter Eggs

Koolaid Easter Eggs

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Button Easter Eggs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Eggs

Rubber Band  Easter Eggs

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

Lego Easter Eggs (with printable)

5 Minute Painted Eggs

Each of these great ideas are perfect for Easter Sunday in between church and lunch. Create one of these eggs and marvel at your artistic abilities. Just think, next year there will probably be even more creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. In fact, maybe you’ll come up with an idea all your own and make history with a new method of making your Easter eggs unique and colorful.

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