A Holiday Giving Guide for Tipping and Bonuses

The hallmark of the holiday season is giving. But the question that lingers for many people is, “How much should I give?” Taking into account your personal budget as well as individual services provided, we’ve compiled guidelines of the going rate for sharing a little extra merry with those who support you faithfully throughout the year.

The Nanny

Let’s face it. Mary (as in Poppins) keeps your family functioning optimally each and every day. And, more importantly, your nanny provides love and nurture for the most important people in your life: your children! A suggested holiday bonus is one week’s pay and a special gift from your children.

Adult Caregivers

Adult caregivers are the truest form of angels on earth, dutifully caring for those who once took care of you. Mark your gratitude and appreciation for their compassion with a bonus of one week’s pay.

The Babysitter

Who doesn’t look forward to date night? Thank your neighborhood babysitter for those much-needed sanity breaks with a $25–$50 gift card to a favorite retailer and a small gift or personalized ornament from your kids.

The Pet Sitters

Two words: Puppy poo. Show your pet sitter (or dog walker) ample appreciation for keeping your four-legged friends happy and healthy with a gift card of $30-$60.

Your Housekeeper

Your housekeeper knows all your family dirt (literally). Don’t you think loyalty and clean bathrooms merit rock star compensation? We do, too! Thank your housekeeper with a tip equal to one week’s wages.

Your Hair Stylist

Perhaps you’ve seen the sign posted in an old-time salon that reads: I’m a beautician not a magician. Regardless, your barber or stylist keeps you looking current (and colored) and makes bad hair days a thing of the past…usually. A gesture of goodwill includes a holiday tip equal to the price of one haircut.

The Gardener

Without the gardener, the grass and plants wouldn’t grow. A gift card ranging from $20–$50 will be much appreciated.