9 Ways to Spruce up Your Garden this Spring & Summer

You’re already been meticulously pulling weeds and are making sure to water your plants every day – a good start to caring for your garden. But why not give your garden that special touch this spring and summer that it has lacked in the past? Why not dress it up with some decor to give it more of a personalized feel?

It’s a lot easier than you think. In fact, here’s a look at nine ways you can spruce up your garden this year:

  1. Windsocks: Choose from a variety of colors, styles and themes to fit your persona.
  2. Personalized sign: Personalized signs can range from something simple, like “Grandma’s Garden,” to something more personalized.
  3. Memorial stones: Gardens are great areas to place memorial stones, which help ensure that a loved one is always in your thoughts.
  4. Stepping stones: Although they serve a different purpose than memorial stones, stepping stones can be just as sentimental. They can be customized to include things like hand and foot prints from a child.
  5. Bird houses: Bird houses are another great decor item, which can be hung from yard stakes or trees in and around your garden.
  6. LED lights: Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean that your garden has to go dark. LED lights can keep your garden looking sharp after hours.
  7. Yard stakes: Are you a fan of a sports team? There’s likely a yard stake for it that you can place in your garden to show off your fan pride.
  8. Decorative mailboxes: Another great decor item.
  9. Hangers: Just loop these onto a tree and hang just about anything from them.

While the above nine ideas are all popular items to add to your garden, it’s just a sample of what you can do. To see all that we have to offer for garden decor and designs, check out our garden accessories.

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