75 Great Kid’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Kid’s stocking stuffers can be difficult to think of on short notice, and for some kids, stockings are the very best part of Christmas. There’s just something so exciting about all those little, special treats stuffed inside that bright, beautiful stocking. Stocking stuffer ideas don’t have to be fancy or expensive to be fun. They can be edible, wearable and even educational. Here are 75 kids’ stocking stuffer ideas, and all of them are under 10 dollars!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids:

  1. kids stocking stuffer ideas bookmarks Bookmarks
  2. Hacky Sac
  3. Sand Art
  4. Bubble gum
  5. Jacks and Ball Game
  6. Orange
  7. Christmas Puzzle
  8. Nail Polish
  9. Fun Socks
  10. Favorite Soda Pop
  11. Hot Chocolate Mix
  12. Optical Illusion or Brain Games Book
  13. Legos or Building Blocks
  14. Friendship Bracelet Kitstocking stuffer ideas for kids sunglasses
  15. Stamp Pad
  16. Matchbox Cars
  17. Bubbles
  18. Huge Sunglasses
  19. Rubik’s cube
  20. Squiggle Pen
  21. Play Dough
  22. Glow Sticks
  23. Glow in the Dark Markers
  24. Slinky
  25. Ping Pong Paddle with Attached Ball
  26. Chinese Finger Trapskids stocking stuffer ideas colored pencils
  27. Magic Grow Capsules
  28. Slippers
  29. Art Kit with colored pencils, water colors, and paper.
  30. Uno
  31. Magnifying Glass
  32. $2 Bills
  33. Vintage candy
  34. Peg Game
  35. Deck of Cards
  36. Holiday stickers -Here’s a fun decorate-your-own snowman.
  37. Holiday pencils or pens
  38. Sea monkeys
  39. Kaleidoscope Toy
  40. kids stocking stuffer ideas peg gameJump rope
  41. Cat’s Cradle
  42. Whoopie cushion
  43. Tie dye t-shirt
  44. Floam
  45. Lip gloss
  46. Pez Dispensers
  47. Astronaut Ice Cream
  48. Slap Bracelets
  49. Personalized Water Bottle
  50. Kazoo
  51. Disposable Camera
  52. Ear Buds
  53. Sunflower Seeds
  54. Gummy Bears
  55. Beef Jerky
  56. kids stocking stuffer ideas water bottleSpiral Art
  57. Mr. Potato Head
  58. Fake Mustache
  59. Pop Rocks
  60. Giant Tootsie Rolls
  61. Piggy Bank
  62. Peeps
  63. Glow in the Dark Stars
  64. Crossword Puzzles
  65. Fake Tattoos
  66. Popcorn
  67. Chia Pet
  68. kids stocking stuffer ideas blow pensStress Ball
  69. Etch a Sketch
  70. Yoyo
  71. Spinning Tops
  72. Bouncing Balls
  73. Silly Putty
  74. Kite
  75. Blow Pens

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