7 Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas baby kisses These days, there’s no better way to commemorate a special holiday than with a themed photo shoot. There are plenty of ways to freeze your sentiments this Valentine’s Day in a photograph, and these Valentine’s Day photo ideas are sure to be a hit with your loved one, your friends or your children.

7 Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

  1. Buy tons of red, pink and white confetti and throw it into the air while your subjects smile, laugh and giggle. Make things really interesting and get a fan, turn it up high and let the confetti fly. Snap away as your make memories at the same time.
  2. If you are photographing your children, put on a lot of bright red lipstick. Give each child a perfect kiss on the cheek and be sure to leave your mark. Take photos of them with their new Valentine’s Day accessory.
  3. Blow up pink and red balloons and have your subject hold them while posing for the photograph.
  4. Spread candy hearts all around and use them as a prop for your Valentine’s Day photo session. These are one of the most iconic images of this special day, so why not include them in your photos this year?
  5. Design a vintage kissing booth and have your children, friends and relatives pose by it for some cute and quirky Valentine’s Day photographs.
  6. Buy the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers and chocolates. Have your son present them to your daughter for a photograph, in order to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day.
  7. If you are taking a photograph of a couple, pose them with a special candy heart. For instance, have the couple kissing in the background while they hold a candy heart with a message such as “Be Mine” or “Marry Me” in the foreground.

Whether you’re going to post them on Instagram or save them in a traditional family album, don’t pass up this opportunity to save the memories of this Valentine’s Day forever. Visit our Photo Gift Center to find unique ways to display your Valentine’s Day photos.

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