7 Unique Check Designs that Reflect Your Personal Style

Ever wondered who uses checks anymore? Well, a LOT of people. Even with advancing point-of-purchase technology that lets consumers pay for goods and services in real time, the tried-and-true trusty checkbook is still alive and kicking! And during our 60+ years in the check business, we’ve found one thing to be true: Our customers love the convenience of ordering checks from Current because we provide a safe and secure ordering process. Plus, we offer hundreds of fun, quirky, scenic, and unique check designs, giving our customers oodles of options that best reflect their personal tastes. What makes us the obvious first choice for ordering checks? Our devotion to keeping your financial information safe! When you order checks from us, we protect your identity at all times by storing your personal information on secure pages. We also offer the EZ Shield Check Fraud Protection Program®. EZ Shield is a fraud protection program that protects you from unauthorized use, up to $25,000. With complete fraud support, there’s no need to stress.

Securiguard Hologram Checks

Need more protection? These premium checks are designed to add another layer of prevention against fraud. Our Securiguard Premium Hologram Checks feature an embedded hologram that can’t be reproduced, photocopied, or removed. These checks are available in 2 colors, blue and parchment.

Our commitment to security means you’ll have peace of mind with every check purchase, leaving you with only one thing to worry about: Which check design to choose? Today we’re showcasing a few of our seasonal favorites — unique designs for every occasion!

Snowflake Dream Checks

Get a little flakey. This colorful check set features 4 differently colored backgrounds with soft snowflakes. When the snow flies (and you know it will!) be sure to welcome winter in grand style!

Floral Collage Checks

When springtime swings in, share a burst of blooms with tulips, daisies, butterflies, and gorgeous spring tones.

Paradise Checks

Summertime is beach time! Sail away to paradise with tropical designs — you can almost smell the ocean air.

Freedom Checks

Red, white, and you! Celebrate Independence Day with our Freedom checks and share your patriotism with every purchase you make.

Vineyard Checks

Everyone loves autumn with crisp, cool nights, falling leaves, and the promise of pumpkin pie. But the best part? Those deep autumnal colors we get only once a year.

Hand of God Checks

At both Christmastime and throughout the year, it’s easy to share your faith with these four inspirational designs.

But wait, there’s more (a lot more)! Check out hundreds of personal check designs today.