7 Great Fall Family Fun Activities

Fall-FestivalFall is here, and for many families it is a time to get together and play. With that in mind, we have some ideas for you that will help you enjoy some fall family fun, whether you cozy up by a fireplace, take a lazy afternoon drive, or romp in the colorful autumn leaves outdoors. Fall equals fun, so make that seasonal bucket list of things to do, grab the family and have at it!

  1. Go apple picking at a local orchard. Nothing beats the fresh taste of ripe, seasonal fruit, and fall is the time for crunchy, sweet, tasty apples. There are so many ways to enjoy this wonderful autumn taste sensation; you can eat them straight from the basket, make them into applesauce, apple pie, apple pancakes, baked cinnamon apples, hot apple cider, or apple spice cake, there’s just no end to the ways you can consume this fall treat. You can even preserve your fruit to enjoy these flavors through winter!
  2. Autumn Chickadee Throw by Current CatalogTake a fall foliage tour. This is one of the most colorful times of the year, as trees come alive with vibrant autumn colors. Find out where the best viewing is in your neck of the woods, pack the kids into the car, toss in a cozy blanket and pillow, and hit the road on a weekend afternoon. Discover a stretch of highway or hidden country road lined with trees, roll down the car windows and enjoy the beautiful changing countryside as you take a lovely, leisurely drive. Stop for a picnic lunch, break out the fall-themed tote bags, and gather some leaves and pinecones to bring home and incorporate into decorations or fall crafts.
  3. Visit a fall festival. These events happen all over the country and can be tons of fun for the family. Some have rides, many have booths where you can practice your shooting or ring tossing skills and win prizes to take home as souvenirs of your fun day with the family. Bundle up in your favorite shawl, and celebrate the season with festive fall fun.
  4. Check out a local candle shop. Fall and winter are the times to light up dark corners with your favorite candle collection. Brighten up your home with cozy autumn-scented candles with festive holders, and if you can take a candle making class, all the better. Bring the kids along and learn this handy skill together.
  5. Cookbooks by Current CatalogTry out new recipes and explore cookbooks. Spend a day baking bread, pies, cookies, or cake (or all of the above!) using fall flavors and themes. Try a twist on traditional recipes and make enough to give away to a friend, neighbor, or coworker. Teach your children not only how to bake, but let them experience the joy of giving.
  6. Navigate (or get lost) in a corn maze. Check out your local area for a corn maze, and take the family for an afternoon of meandering. Many farms with pumpkin patches also have corn mazes on the property, and it can be fun to split the family into teams and make it a race to see who makes it out first.
  7. Take a hayride. Visit a local pumpkin patch for the day, pick out a pumpkin or two to carve, and go on a family hayride. If you can’t find a farm or pumpkin patch that offers hayrides, borrow a pickup truck or tractor and trailer from a friend, hit up the local home store for a bale of hay, and host your own hayride.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to begin making plans for your very own festive family fun fall activities. If you’ve never done anything like this with your family, why not make this the year you begin a new tradition? Times like these are what make for fond memories your children and grandchildren will carry with them, and very likely carry into their own families in the coming years.