7 Creative Gift Wrapping Tips

gift wrapping ideas You’ve found the perfect gift, now wrap it up! Make the present extra special by taking the time to embellish the wrapping. How? Here’s seven creative gift wrapping tips to make your present stand out.

  • Use adorable photos. Trim a snapshot and tape it to the top of the present. It’s like adding an extra surprise to the package!
  • Curl some ribbon. Grab a scissors and make cascading, colorful ribbon curls to top the gift. These are perfect for gift bags or wrapped boxes.
  • Wrap yarn around the present. Use fluffy, shaggy, or colorful yarn for texture and interest.
  • Make a tissue flower. Make a delicate flower from tissue paper. Secure the embellishment to the gift with ribbon or tape.
  • Create a card tag. Recycle an old card. Cut out the best part of the imagery or graphic and use it as a gift tag.
  • Use shimmery, metallic jewelry. Wrap a small, special package with a bracelet in lieu of ribbon.
  • Cut existing bows. Add a funky edge to pre-made bows using decorative scrap booking sheers.

So, go ahead and get creative! Whether you make the wrapping extra colorful, embellished with bows, or get creative with tissue paper, the extra effort won’t go unnoticed. Need more gift wrapping supplies? Current Catalog has you covered.