7 Creative Decorations with Tissue Paper

tissue paper birthday hat You can use tissue paper for more than just decorating a parade float. You can make various kinds of decorations with tissue paper quickly and easily for weddings, birthday parties and Halloween.

1. Party Hats

You can let your child’s party guests create their own party hats using tissue paper and items you can find around the house. Cardboard scraps, construction paper, paper bags and small boxes turn into toys, jewelry and party wear. Before the party, you can cut out basic shapes for partygoers to use on their party hats. You will also need tape and glue. For a little girl’s birthday, create tissue paper pom-poms for on top of the hats. The boys and girls can use tissue paper around the base of their hats.

tissue paper flowers 2. Giant Paper Flowers

10 Sheets of Tissue Paper Per Flower

String or Fishing Line


1. Stack 10 tissue paper sheets in front of you-the shorter side should face you.
2. Accordion fold the tissue paper using 1” wide folds.
3. Tie the string/fishing line around the halfway point of the tissue paper.
4. Cut your petal shape out of the tissue paper ends (round for rose, triangle for dahilia).
5. Carefully start separating and fluffing each sheet of tissue paper back and forth one side to the next.

tissue paper lantern 3. Lanterns

Tissue Paper Circles

Double-Sided Tape

14- 16- or 18-inch- Paper Lanterns

1. Turn the lantern upside down and begin at the base.
2. Use little squares of the tape to attach the tissue paper circles around the lantern’s hole, overlapping them.
3. Cover the entire lantern.

tissue paper bubble flower4. Bubble Flowers

12 Artificial Stamens

24-Guage Cloth-Covered Floral Wire

Green Floral Tape

Tissue Paper

1 ½” Styrofoam Ball

1. Attach the 12 stamens to the floral wire with the green floral tape.
2. Cut the tissue paper into five 4 x 2 ¼” pieces – these are your petals.
3. Wrap each petal halfway around the 1 ½” Styrofoam ball.
4. Twist the ends and remove the ball.
5. Use floral tape to attach a petal’s end to the base of the stamen.
6. Add the rest of your petals one at a time, taping them in place.
7. Trim ends.
8. Gingerly pull the petals away from the center.

tissue paper monsters 5. Monstrous Pom-Poms

10 Sheets Tissue Paper

Floral Wire

Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

1. Fold the stack of tissue paper like an accordion (about 1” folds).
2. Wrap wire around middle of stack and twist.
3. Cut the ends into points.
4. Separate the sheets and fluff.
5. You can use cardstock to make mouths and eyes.
6. Gently flatten the front of the pom-pom and use hot glue to attach the features to your monster.

tissue paper napkin ring 6. Napkin Ring

You’ll need:

Large Dinner Napkins and Five sheets of 5” x 10” tissue rectangles.

Stack sheets and make 3/8” folds. Use 20” long narrow ribbon to tie the paper (Small Dinner Napkins – Use four sheets of 4” x 8” tissue).


tissue paper tassels 7. Tassels

14 Sheets Tissue Paper

Twine (add 3 feet to the length of twine where the tassel will hang)

Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks


1. Fold the paper in half widthwise and then lengthwise.
2. Fold it lengthwise again.
3. Cut ½” strips up the length of the paper; leave 3” at the top.
4. Unfold the paper.
5. Roll the paper.
6. Twist the uncut part and fold in half once.
7. Take the twisted part and make a loop, tie a string around the loop’s base.
8. Make all your tassels.
9. String tassels onto the twine and dab with glue to hold them in place.

You can find an array of festive tissue paper choices at Current’s website.