6 Romantic Engagement Photo Ideas

Romantic Engagement Photo Ideas shadows You’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you’re in the process of planning the wedding of your dreams. Your engagement is a special and unique time in your life, and one that you should commemorate with engagement photos. These romantic engagement photo ideas will showcase the love that you share with your partner and help you remember this idyllic period in your life.

6 Romantic Engagement Photo Ideas

  1. Return to the location where you first met for your photo shoot. Take photos in spots that tell the story of your relationship.
  2. Choose to have your engagement session done during the same season of your wedding, so that you can do comparison shots after the big day. For instance, if you are planning an autumn wedding, take an engagement photo of you and your partner kissing in the leaves the year prior to the big event.
  3. Spend some time walking along the beach, chatting with your partner. Have your photographer follow behind you and snap natural, candid shots along the way. This will truly capture the essence of your relationship.
  4. If you have a pet together, include it in your pictures. These are your first family photos, after all.
  5. Utilize shadows to the best of your advantage. Talk with your photographer and situate yourself so the photograph is of your shadows. Kiss, hold hands or put your head on your partner’s shoulder in order to capture the perfect mood.
  6. Don’t forget the famous ring shot. Kiss your partner passionately and hold out your hand as if you were showing it off for the first time ever. This photograph will be treasured for years to come.

Your engagement is more than just a period of time where you are planning a wedding. This a time when you prepare to become one entity rather than two individual people. Engagement photos help you preserve this moment for eternity, and specialty photo gifts allow you to display these pictures proudly. For more ideas on how you can utilize your romantic engagement photos, check out Current today.

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