6 Kids Craft Ideas using Stickers

Stickers are the currency of childhood and nothing inspires and excites kids more than sticker crafts. Stickers fuse education, creativity, and entertainment in a way that sparks the imagination. And the best thing about sticker crafts is that there are so many cool kids craft ideas using stickers that the options are endless. With summer upon us, there is no better time to exercise your child’s creative spirit with our top picks for awesome kids craft ideas using stickers.

Sticker Garden Planter Garden Gift Planter

Kids love to make things that last and love to give gifts. This garden gift planter  uses store bought planters and your favorite assortment of stickers to create something truly gift-worthy. Once decorated, kids can fill the pots with flowers, plants, or even an assortment of other small gifts, like candy or office supplies.

Make Your Own Storybook

A great supply of stickers can even inspire a personalized storybook! Buy sticker sheets and sticker collections that reflect a range of your child’s interests and help them create a one-of-a-kind story that will become a treasured keepsake of childhood.

Totally Unique Magnets

Who doesn’t need a collection of great magnets to use or give as gifts? For this craft, stickers and paint transform the humble bottle cap into eye catching magnets that you can customize endlessly.


Help your kids get organized and have fun in the process with this fun pencil holder sticker craft.  Creating organizers is easy, and it is easy to adapt to all skill levels by letting the child cover surfaces with art paper or preparing the surface with paint for younger children.   Any box or can will do, so creating the perfect organizer is a snap.

Greeting Cards

Everyone loves receiving cards, and what is better than ones personally and lovingly made.  Using stickers to create greeting cards not only sparks your child’s imagination, it can also help encourage communication skills.

Clothespin Sticker Craft

Boost the fun factor of your sticker craft by animating stickers with clothespins. This fun craft will help you create fun stickered clothespinsthat you can use in a million fun ways. Help kids learn new words, use them for labeling and categorizing, or as fun props in storytelling.

Sticker Bracelets for Kids Jewelry

Create your own band bracelets or pendant necklaces with stickers. Use ribbon or cardboard and stick your favorite stickers. These inexpensive pieces will bring joy to your kids. Stickers are fun, affordable and the springboard to unbelievable fun. Find the sticker collections that inspire your child then let their creativity run wild!

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