6 Fun Christmas Photo Card Ideas


This year, give a little holiday cheer by sending a personalized, fun Christmas photo card. Why settle for something that “just works” when you can easily make a truly memorable photo card?

While an ordinary card will do, most people look forward to the yearly peek at their favorite people through Christmas Photo Cards. Often accompanied by “Catch Up” letters, holiday photo cards are a great way to catch up with old friends and loved ones – and they’re the perfect way to wish them a Merry Christmas. Here are some fun Christmas photo card ideas:

Dress up as Santa: If you have a newborn, consider dressing him or her up as Santa or a snowman. Here are 9 oh-so-adorable Christmas photo ideas for babies and toddlers.

Have a Snow fight: If you live in a snowy place, take the kids out and have a candid photo session. You’ll capture action and laughter and have the perfect photo card!

christmas photo card ideas backdrop

Photo Booth Christmas Cards: If you have a family of four or five, this idea would be perfect! Simply take funny photos of each family member, organize them into a photo booth style, print out and you’re done! Picmonkey has a free tool that allows you to create photo collages.

Christmas light backdrop: This idea is pretty simple if you have some Christmas lights, a white sheet, and some patience. Simply hang the sheet and drape Christmas lights so they hang over. Try multicolored Christmas lights for a fun touch!

Include Man’s Best Friend: If you have a dog that is a major part of your family, be sure to include him! Try heartwarming or chaotic- whichever best describes your family.

Get Wrapped up in Lights: Try wrapping yourself up in lights! Whether you’re a large family or couple, these photos always turn out great!

christmas-card-ideas wrapped in lights

For other great ideas, visit Pinterest

Once you’ve found the perfect photo card idea and had your photo session, order your prints through our photo gift center. There, you can create traditional Christmas photo cards, key chains, mugs, and more. Show off your family and spread the holiday cheer!

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