6 Best Tree Topper Ideas for Your Christmas Tree

tree topper ideas for your christmas treeChristmas trees vary greatly from one family and home to the next. It’s not always easy picking out the best tree topper for your Christmas tree. It’s your tree. Make it your own with one of these great topper ideas or one you and your family come up with together.

Santa Claus

Good ole’ Saint Nick gets around at Christmas time and there are many great tree toppers that reflect his contribution to the holiday spirit. Whether he’s sporting his red “work” suit or getting ready to hang 10 in his favorite Hawaiian shirt, Santa is a great idea to top a festive Christmas tree.


Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or just love the idea of jolly little snowmen lighting up your Christmas tree, it’s hard to go wrong with delightful snowmen to bring warmth to your heart at Christmas.


For many, angels are a symbol of what Christmas means on a personal and spiritual level. It’s about the message the angels shared on the original Christmas — one that continues to resonate today.


The star is another symbol of that original Christmas. It may very well be one of the best tree toppers available if you go by numbers and styles alone. You can find a start to match almost any Christmas tree theme. One of them is sure to be a perfect fit for your Christmas tree.


Bows top gifts we give to family and friends throughout the holiday season. It makes perfect sense that they would be a fitting choice to top the very tree you place those presents beneath.


Also referred to as the Christmas Plant, the Poinsettia makes a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree. These lovely plants come in a wide range of colors making them easy to match to the colors in your tree.

Once you’ve selected the best tree toppers for your tree, it’s time to pick out the perfect Christmas ornaments to help your tree tell a Christmas story of its own this year.

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