5 Ways to Pay it Forward this Holiday Season

The Holidays are the perfect opportunity to show others you care. However, spreading good cheer shouldn’t just be reserved for your inner circle; remember that we are all a part of the human family and finding ways to pay it forward can lift spirits and cause a chain reaction of goodwill. This Holiday season, consider these five ways to pay it forward:

1. Pay the Toll for Car Behind You

On bridges and toll booths across the nation, incidents have been reported of someone paying the toll for the person behind them and starting a chain reaction of generosity. The next person in line often repeats the good deed, and then the next, sometimes continuing for many cars down the line.

2. Buy Someone Coffee

After you buy that eggnog latte at the coffee shop, why not treat the person behind you to one as well? You can ask them directly what drink they’d like and pay for it with your order, or do so anonymously by buying a gift card for the cashier to use after you’ve slipped out the door.

3. Send Paper Greeting Cards

While emails, e-cards and other digital greetings are fast and convenient, there’s nothing as warm and personal as a good old fashioned paper greeting card. Choose from a variety of beautiful images and styles. Your family and friends will love finding them in their mailbox this year.

4. Higher Gratuity

Many wait staff and service people work the hardest during the Holiday season. Add a little extra to their tips this year and brighten their shift as well as their Holiday. They’ll be in a better mood, treat their customers better and start a chain reaction of goodwill.

5. Hidden Treasure

Everyone, from little kids to grown ups, loves to find money unexpectedly. “Plant” a $5, $10 or $20 bill somewhere you know an unsuspecting person will find it. Attach a note if you wish letting them know it was put there deliberately by someone who is “paying it forward.” You’ll likely inspire them to find ways to pay it forward as well.

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