5 Ways to Cook with Fun Kitchen Gadgets

fun kitchen gadgets pepper roaster Mix up the humdrum that has become cooking with fun kitchen gadgets. New tools and utensils are the best way to attempt a new dish or simplify one you already love.

Pepper Roaster

With this versatile and fun cooking tool, you can create stuffed peppers with ease and they will look amazing too! Simply seed your favorite pepper, the hotter the better, fill with rice and cheese and simply bake, grill or roast the peppers until soft.

Avocado Tools

Everyone loves avocados and the best part is the delicious fruit is full of healthy fats, yes, the kind you should eat! This amazing gadget will cut, pit and slice an avocado with ease. Then save leftovers with the practical avocado saver which keeps the flesh from turning brown.

Taco Shell Mold

This mini-taco shell mold will help you create delicious meals that look great. Serve taco salads, salsas and more in these edible bowls.

Grilling Baskets

Simplify grilling with these easy to use baskets. Grilled corn and delicious stuffed tortillas will be a cinch to cook with these kitchen helpers.

Kitchen utensils

Every great cook needs good tools! Use the Chop & Stir tool to dice fruit, separate cooking meats or stir frozen juices. The 4-in-1 opener will help clear out your utensil drawer with its multi-tasking abilities. Then stock-up on silicone spatulas that can be used when cooking any dish and are easy to care for. With these fun kitchen gadgets you will never want to leave the kitchen.

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