5 Ways for Moms to Support Our Troops This Year

military checks Whether you’re a dedicated military spouse or the mother of an active or former troop member, there are many ways for moms to support our troops this year, all year round! With Mother’s Day coming up, surprisingly, many moms are seeking a way to give back, more than they are looking forward to receiving gifts this year. Here are 5 ways moms can show their support beyond a yellow ribbon.

1. Volunteer for Flag Duty

Each year groups like the Veteran’s Affairs and the Boy Scouts of America coordinate flag placements upon the graves of servicemen and women on Memorial Day, but this is a great way to show respect on any day. July 4th, Christmas, Flag Day, and a few other special times are ideal to get the family or a group of neighbors to perform such a service

2. Send Troops Care Packages

Moms can coordinate their own effort locally or contribute to a nationally organized care package service that specializes in taking care of US troops. Top groups like Soldier’s Angels and Operation Gratitude offer everyday citizens chances to contribute and are one of our favorite ways for moms to support our troops this year. If gathering goodies isn’t your thing, show your support by writing a generous military or patriotic themed check to the cause, letting the coordinators decide how to use your contribution.

3. Foster a Pet

If you’ve got the time, space, and love for animals, consider fostering an active service member’s pet in your home while they are away protecting our country in foreign lands or on a distant US base. Providing a temporary home for these folks is a loving way to show your support.

american-flag4. Embrace a Military Family in the Community

When a member of the family on active duty overseas or out of state, it’s really hard on military families to hold it all together. By inviting such a family to participate in outings, meals, and celebrations with yours, it can ease their everyday burdens and foster a much-welcomed friendship of support.

5. Donate Airline Miles

Your gift of unused airline miles can make a last minute miracle happen for a military family. Many soldiers cannot afford to come home during those precious leaves due to financial hardship. Airline miles for soldier programs are widespread, so help a solider get home to their family with such a contribution.

These innovative, yet simple, ways for moms to support our troops this year aren’t expensive or costly. However, if you’re looking to send a personalized card or patriotic gift, check out the vast, affordable selection of gifts at CurrentCatalog.com today.

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