5 Unique Ways to Display Photos

Unique Ways to Display Photos catwalk clipsLooking for a way to make your favorite photographs really pop? There’s nothing wrong with a traditional frame, but when its hung on a cluttered wall or tucked into a corner on an occupied end table, even the most adorable and striking pictures can easily be overlooked.

Your family members, friends, and loved ones are each extremely important and absolutely unique. They are the centerpieces of your life. By coming up with a few unique ways to display photos, you can make them the centerpieces of your living room as well. Here are five inventive and fun suggestions that will make certain that your most cherished pictures truly get noticed!

A Window into Your World – Transform an antique window frame into a beautiful and rustic picture frame. A window with grills that divide its glass into smaller panes is a great way to display a series of smaller photos as a cohesive whole. You may also want to try dressing your photographs with old shutters for a classic folksy look.

Ribbons and Chains – Who says that all picture wire has to be invisible? Draw attention to your framed photographs by hanging them on decorative ribbons, chains, ropes, or braided twine. By choosing an appropriate ornamental hook or knob to support your pictures, you can create an entire display that is sure to capture attention.

The Family Tree – Show off every member of your family with an elegant “family tree” wall display. After painting or stenciling an intricate tree motif on your wall, you can hang a photo of a different family relation on each branch.

Hanging on the Line – This is a great way to place your photos above the general clutter of your living space. Coming complete with their own black hanging cord, these Catwalk Clips are shaped like adorable little kittens. Each one holds its own picture!

Photo Wreath – Particularly good for the fall and winter holiday seasons, the photo wreath is an excellent way to display a number of smaller pictures. Simply perch each picture in the various nooks and crannies of your wreath’s branches.

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