5 Thrifty Uses for Wrapping Paper

Uses for Wrapping PaperChoosing decorative, fun, and vibrant holiday wrapping paper is a part of Christmas fun – but not quite as much fun as ripping it off! Once you have secured that perfect gift, it’s time to reach out to your creative side and enclose it with wrapping paper and embellish it with a festive bow. Every year there are leftover rolls that you just don’t want to store for 11 months…these 5 thrifty uses for wrapping paper will clear out your remaining supplies quickly.

Wrap Some More

When turned inside out, wrapping paper is excellent for wrapping packages you plan to ship any time of the year, allowing you to send after-holiday gifts and other goodies without buying expensive brown shipping paper to conceal the box’s contents. Keep in mind, using the “right” side of decorative gift paper is fine, but it essentially advertises it’s a gift, making it a potential target for theft along the way.

Shred It and Ship It

Run sections of leftover wrapping paper through your shredder to make shipping supplies. Recycling peanuts, packing foam, and bubble wrap are costly, but you’ve already invested in premium wrapping paper that can protect fragile items during shipping by shredding them.

Clean with It

You’ve heard about cleaning glass with newspaper before, so why not use the non-colored side of wrapping paper for the same purpose? Give it a try with some ripped paper on Christmas morning, and you might find yourself putting those pieces to good use before tossing them into the trash or recycle bin!

Matte it Up

Brighten up those holiday photos by trimming and securing them to the facing of a complementing wrapping paper. These can be laminated or framed for an instant memento of this year’s family celebration.

Holiday Thank You Card Envelopes

Quickly make envelopes for your seasonal thank you cards:

  • Invert wrapping paper, and place opened thank you notecard atop paper.
  • Trace 1-inch all around the edges, and cut along the lines.
  • Fold up the paper leaving at least 1 inch at the top for the fold.
  • Tape side edges, place your thank you card inside, and seal top fold.

When the recipient opens your card, the lovely paper will brighten up the inside of the envelope, just as your gratuitous message will brighten their day.

There’s no need to save space for those leftover supplies this year with these 5 thrifty uses for wrapping paper that are both wallet and eco-friendly.