5 Reasons to Stock Up on Supplies this Christmas

Being a shop-a-holic has benefits. Yes, really! So, sit back, browse, and don’t feel one ounce of guilt for buying that extra bag of sparkly bows or adorable snowman gift tags. Here’s why!

Enjoy discounted prices.

Just before the holiday, gift wrapping supplies get marked down. So, why not take advantage of the lowest prices of the season and stock up? Look for percentages off, close-out prices, and even special buys on multipacks of gift wrap and ribbon to tuck away for next year.

Feel prepared for next Christmas.

You know that sense of accomplishment you get after you buy your first few gifts of the season? When you stock up on Christmas supplies, you can get ahead of the game and wrap the gifts too. You’ll feel on top of the world!

You can afford more.

So, when it comes to making gifts look extra special, embellishments make them truly shine. When Christmas supplies go on sale, you can splurge on these low-cost frilly extras. Pre-made bows and miniature ornaments add a unique, professional appeal to your presents.

Avoid last-minute surprises.

We’ve all had to wrap a gift or two just hours (maybe minutes) before presenting it, only to find a measly few inches of gift wrap left on the roll. This year, vow to not scramble and use whatever you have on hand to package the gift. Buy extra supplies so you know you’re ready to beautify hostess gifts and teacher presents.

Finally get organized.

By picking out extra bows, wrapping paper, and gift bags now, you can organize all of your wrapping supplies (old and new) and be extra ready to tackle that pile of presents next year. Just imagine not having to rummage through totes of old wrapping supplies, and bags of new things, wondering what you have on hand and where it’s tucked away.

So, why wait? Start stocking up on supplies right now. Current Catalog has everything from festive cloth gift bags perfect for presenting homemade goodies and gift cards, to stylish ribbons and gift tags to make your gifts stand out. Shop online today!