5 People Who Deserve a Greeting Card from You

summer-greeting-cards-thinking-of-youWe all have people in our lives that deserve our appreciation and an extra bit of attention.

We know, times are busy and emails are easy.

But there are some important reasons why you should forego electronic mail and remember some important people in your life. When you send a greeting card you put in extra effort that tells the recipient they matter to you, more than a quick hello. Greeting cards are long-term physical reminders of your thoughtfulness and a way of showing love, honor and appreciation beyond a call or instant message.

Here are five people that that deserve greetings that stand the test of time:

Knock Your Grandma’s Socks Off

You know you love getting cards from grandma. Why not turn the tables and light up her life with a greeting card? You don’t even have to be great with words. Just choose one that says what you feel and add a few personal thoughts and grandma has a keepsake that she will keep forever.


Has there been a teacher or professor that has made a difference in your life? Let them know with a cool greeting card. Those who pass on knowledge often go under-appreciated which can make their job difficult. Be the one that lets them know their efforts have made a difference.

Old Friend 

You’ve been meaning to call that old friend from school but the days just keep whizzing by and now it just feels awkward.  Nothing can bridge the communication gap like a fun greeting card.

Service Providers

One of the best ways to assure continued great service is by showing a little appreciation.  Say thanks with a cheery greeting card, and don’t forget to tuck in a small gift.

Sibling Love

Everyone has a different relationship with their brothers and sisters. Whether you chat every week or haven’t kept in touch, send a greeting card mentioning your favorite childhood memory of them. They will cherish it forever.

Greeting cards help us connect to important people in our lives and share in the very best of life. Current makes that easy with a huge selection of cards that say just the right thing!

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