5 Nice Ways to Give a Check as a Present

Ways to Give a Check as a Present dog checks

Gifting someone with a check can be quite generous, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Choose from five fun ways to give a check as a present to top off your generosity with a layer of creative flair.

Wrap it up

Don’t deny your check recipient the joy of opening a gift. Get a small gift box and wrap your check the way you would all your other presents. Make it even more fun by putting the small gift box in a series of larger boxes, with the check as the big surprise in the smallest box in the mix.

Stuff it in a Stocking

Dollar stores and other general merchandise shops often have a smattering of mini-stockings and other inexpensive holiday-related items for sale. Select a mini-stocking and stuff it with your check, or attach the check to a small ornament or figurine.

Make it Artsy

The check itself can be a work of art if you have eye-catching checks with spectacular designs. Add to the artistry by enclosing the check in a customized envelope on which you created a collage, illustration or otherwise jazzed up for impact.

Make it Tasty

Checks can be a delicious gift if you include one in a small basket of goodies. Find a small gift basket or bag and stuff it with some of the recipient’s favorite candies or treats. You can even cater to the healthy eaters by opting for nut mixes and granola bars. Include the check in the basket in an envelope that’s clearly marked “Do Not Eat.”

Plant it

A potted plant or bouquet of flowers can be the perfect place to plant a check. Put the check in an envelope and attach it to a floral pick you can stick in the dirt or the center of the bouquet. Poinsettias are always popular around the holidays, and other plants can bring joy all year round.

These fun ways to give a check as a present ensure your generosity can certainly be matched by your savvy and fun creativity.

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