5 New Year’s Greeting Card Designs

New Year’s Greeting Card Although traditionally associated with individuals who don’t celebrate the Holidays, New Year’s greeting cards are rapidly being adopted by people of all beliefs and creeds. These days, New Year’s greeting cards come in a diversity of styles and themes. If you’re thinking about designing your very own, here are five cool designs to consider.

Peace on Earth and Good Will to All

Just because it’s one of the most often used themes in New Year’s greeting cards doesn’t mean it’s a tired concept. The start of a new year is the ideal time to send best wishes to your friends, family and co-workers – and what other sentiment could be as universal and positive as wishing peace on Earth and good will to all?

The Semi-Secular Approach

New Year’s cards don’t have to be secular, nor do they have to be overtly religious in nature. By taking a slightly more generic approach to your card design, you can come up with a number of themes that reflect your personal beliefs and still convey a sentiment of acceptance for those who don’t share them. Consider incorporating semi-secular imagery into your card design, like natural growth evergreen trees, tastefully decorated wreaths, or candles symbolizing love and friendship.

Back to Nature

If you’re of the mind to infuse your best wishes by creating a nature-themed greeting card, you’ve got plenty of source material to choose from. From images of majestic snow-capped mountains to peaceful sunsets on warm beaches, to wildlife scenes depicting every known form of life on the planet, putting a “back to nature” feel on your New Year’s greeting cards

Reflections on the Past Year

A lot of people use New Years as an opportunity to reflect on the past year of their lives and to share their accomplishments and life milestones with others. If you want to take this approach, consider creating a photo collage that encapsulates the highlights of the previous year. Include words of thanks for the support of your card recipients.

Party Time!

People love a good party, and no other time of the year is as universally celebrated as the countdown to midnight on December 31st. Simply creating a greeting card adorned with fireworks and multi-colored, festive bunting gets the message across great. Add a few words of well wishes, and you’re golden.

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