5 Kitchen Products that Make Cleaning Up a Breeze

Anyone that spends any time in the kitchen delights in things that make kitchen tasks easier and faster. We wanted to honor all of our pancake flipping, lunch-sacking, dinner-doing kitchen warriors, with a quick infusion of items that will simplify and inspire their time in the kitchen.

Gas Range Protectors

Overspill is no problem with the right tool on your side. Just slip these stove top protectors over and around the gas burners for a fast, wipe clean solution.

Silicone Steamer with Lid

Why use two pots when one can do tice the work when you use this silicone steamer? When boiling pasta or potatoes, this steamer fits nicely over an 8” diameter pot, allowing you to steam vegetables, for a fast and healthful one pot meal!

Instant Spout

It is easy to forget just how convenient it is to have a spout —that is, until you have to pour from a pan or large bowl. This slip-on spout attaches easily to any thinly lipped mixing bowl for easy, splash-free pouring.

2-in-1 Scrub Brush and Scraper

Combinations are great — like meatloaf and mash potatoes or spaghetti and marinara. Clean up however, is not so great. Washing dishes can be a real chore unless you have handy helpers like this 2-in-1 scrub brush and scraper. With one end a scrubber and the other a scraper, you can make quick work of dirty dishes.

Microwave Splatter Screen

Sometimes the simplest of tools make a huge difference, and this one proves that every time you use the microwave.  This non stick, food-safe mesh covers open containers to prevent splattering while microwaving. The weighted edges keep the sides down, and prevent food and grease from spattering the inside of the microwave.

The time it takes to do a multitude of tasks can add up over the course of a day. With a few simple kitchen tools it is possible to reduce the time it takes to perform tasks, leaving more time for cooking, baking, and grilling inspiration!