5 Ideas to Make Your Summer Birthday Party the Best Ever

If you have a summer birthday, you may remember being the envy of all your friends as a child, what with no school and all. The workplace may be less forgiving, but there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy your special day! Check out these excellent summer birthday party ideas:

Beach Party
Even if you aren’t lucky enough to live by the ocean, you can still spend your special day soaking up the sun at the beach! Pack picnic food and plenty of sunscreen so you can make a day of it!

Grilling Out
The grill shouldn’t be reserved for the 4th of July — if you’re a fan of hamburgers and brats, be sure to incorporate them into your birthday dinner.

MLB Party
Perhaps you’d prefer to spend your birthday celebration in the midst of some nice air conditioning. No problem — all you need is a television broadcast of your favorite baseball team! Or, if you’re a true fan, head out to the nearest ball park for a great birthday outing.

Ice Cream Social
Ice cream is always a hit, so why not go all the way and serve sundaes at your birthday bash? For the few who object to ice cream, you can always serve a delicious imitation in the form of cupcake cones.

Wine Tasting
Can’t make it to a vineyard to sample some tasty wines? Try a wine sampler on your own premises. Have each guest bring a unique bottle of wine and then conduct taste tests to your heart’s delight!

Summer birthday party ideas abound when you’re willing to get creative!

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