5 Fun Ways to Organize Your Scarf Collection

ways to organize scarf collection organizer So many scarves, so little space to keep them organized. Scarves provide a dash of color and style to our outfits, and they’re must-have accessories when the weather gets cold. But what if you have more scarves, shawls, wraps, and paisley Pashminas than a French model? Well, you’re going to have to develop a storage system, because even a beautiful silk scarf won’t look so beautiful if it’s carelessly strewn around the house. These 5 fun ways to organize scarves will cut down on wardrobe clutter and keep your scarf collection in tip-top condition.

1. If the scarf collection is still in its infant stage –say you have 5 to 7 scarves -then hanging them on a coat rack is a good option. Scarves often have vibrant colors and bold prints, so why not show them off like pieces of expensive artwork? Besides, when scarves are draped on a coat rack, you’ll have easy access to them when you’re hurrying out the door.

2. Please, no more jumbled drawers! Consider it done. The scarf organizer is an 18-circle hanger that fits over a closet rod. Voila. Eighteen of your favorite scarves are now perfectly organized in just a few inches of closet space.

3. A hanging shelf system takes up more closet space than an 18-circle hanger, but it’s a great storage solution. Whether you want to organize your scarf collection by color or material, season or occasion, a hanging shelf system will keep all your scarves neatly arranged.

4. Who says a shoe organizer needs to be used for shoes? A shoe organizer is also an ideal storage unit for scarves. Depending on the type of organizer you have, you can either leave it out so the scarves can be seen, or you can store it under the bed and out of site.

5. If space is at a premium, then consider hanging towel rods behind a bedroom door and hanging your scarves off of them. Towel rods are also good for hanging beads and other long, chunky pieces of jewelry.

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