5 Fun Ways to Organize Your Important Documents

Ways to Organize Important DocumentsIs your desk overloaded with a pile of papers the size of Mt. Everest? Simplify your life and reduce stress when you keep important documents organized.

To determine if a document is important, ask yourself if it must be accessible during an emergency, if it’s easily replaceable and if it would be problematic if the paper were stolen, lost or destroyed. If you answer yes to any of these questions, protect the document in one of five safe places.

1. Three-Ring Binder

Store copies of papers you need during an emergency in a three-ring binder. It’s easy to grab, and dividers organize categories while clear zippered pouches or sleeve protectors hold any bulky documents or computer flash drives you may need during the recovery period.

2. File Cabinet

Many important documents, such as business expense receipts and home appliance manuals, remain accessible and organized when they’re stored in a file cabinet. Choose a sturdy cabinet with adequate drawer space. Then, select colorful or girly file folders to make organizing your papers a project you look forward to tackling.

3. Fireproof Safe

The IRS recommends you keep tax documents for at least seven years. Store them, as well as savings bonds, bank books and copies of your I.D., in a fireproof safe. Ideally, it should be large enough to hold all your documents and strong enough to withstand natural disasters and break-in attempts.

4. Dedicated Desk Draw (with lock) 

The desk you use as your home office headquarters can also organize important documents. Utilize the locking or concealed drawers to hold copies of your I.D. or bank statements, and rely on non-locking drawers to sort all your other important documents.

5. Closet Safe

Keep important documents like passports and social security cards safe in a closet safe. These disguise as regular hangers, but actually keep everything in one place.

Don’t be intimidated by the mountain of papers on your desk. Try one or more of five fun methods that organize your important documents and give you peace of mind today.