5 Easy Wrapping Paper Craft Ideas

Easy Wrapping Paper Craft Ideas wrapping paper Part of the fun of gift-giving is the presentation. There’s nothing like seeing someone’s eyes light up as you hand them a beautiful, artistically-wrapped gift. Why not take your creativity even further with your very own wrapping paper craft ideas? There are lots of ways to create it, limited only by your imagination. Here are five easy and affordable wrapping paper craft ideas to get you started:
1. Family photos. Enlarging color printouts of treasured favorite family photos can add a clever and personal touch to your wrapping paper craft ideas. Try collaging a bunch of your best photos in creative ways all over the paper.

2. Scrapbooking supplies. If you’re already into scrapbooking, the supplies you have on hand can make for fun homemade wrapping paper. Add eye-catching stickers, words and even a bit of glitter for accent. Don’t be afraid of “random” placement of your design elements for a vibrant collage effect.

3. Calligraphy. If you know calligraphy (or want to learn), use it to write inspiring quotes, poems or mottos in elegant script on your wrapping paper. Keep plenty of paper on hand as you perfect your technique.

4. Stamping. Stamping supplies are plentiful at craft and hobby stores. Experiment with a variety of styles, sizes and ink colors. You can even carve your own stamp out of a potato! Use stamping to create a unique, repeating decorative pattern on your wrapping paper.

5. Kids’ touch. If you have children or grandchildren, wrapping paper craft ideas can be fun to explore with them. Allow kids to unleash their creativity and fill up blank wrapping paper with their doodles and drawings. Pick up some non-toxic paint and allow them to dip their hands into it and make a flurry of colorful handprints on the paper.

Why settle for ordinary when wrapping your gifts? Your very own wrapping paper craft ideas can transform and personalize your gifts, add special meaning and take your creativity to the next level. Making your own wrapping paper is inexpensive, creative — and best of all, fun.

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